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If you are interested in become a member or sponsoring affiliate of BOMA Wichita, please fill out the form below and someone will contact you shortly. 

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Dear Prospective BOMA Wichita Member:

BOMA Wichita has three levels of membership:  Principal, Associate and Sponsoring Affiliate.  A Principal member is a property owner or manager.  An Associate member and a sponsoring affiliate are suppliers, contractors, or other type of vendors that provides services to the commercial building industry.  The Associate member price is higher due to the fact that you will be enlisted in the BOMA International registry. 

The dues schedule is as follows:

            Principal                         $400.00

            Additional Principal        $400.00

            Associate                       $600.00

            Additional Associate      $600.00

            Sponsoring Affiliate       $500.00

We also offer prepaid lunches for the year for $200.00 per person.  If you choose not to prepay for lunches, member lunches are $20.00 and non-member lunches are $30.00 (unless it is a special program and the price will be announced prior to the meeting).